Polls show Americans oppose unilateral action on Gun Control

Despite a highly-publicized speech and a multi-week media blitz aimed at convincing the American people of the importance and legitimacy of President Barack Obama’s executive maneuvers on gun control, the American people remain unpersuaded. Polls show that Americans are unconvinced about the effectiveness of further gun control measures and are in opposition to Obama’s decision to work outside the traditional political process. An additional poll offers important insight in to one of the reasons the public has repeatedly rejected new federal gun controls.

A poll conducted by Investor’s Business Daily on January 4-7 asked if stricter gun control would “hinder self-defense, protecting family” or “reduce crime/keep guns out of criminals’ hands?” Only 42 percent of those surveyed responded that stricter controls would stop criminals from acquiring guns. Moreover, the poll found that more members of the public believe an increase in gun ownership would lead to an increase in safety rather than an increase in crime. The poll also found that the vast majority of Americans agree that the Second Amendment “will always be a relevant and necessary safeguard against tyranny,” including 52 percent of Democrats.

Similarly, a Rasmussen poll conducted January 6-7 revealed that Americans question the efficacy of Obama’s executive actions, but it also showed the public is skeptical of the legitimacy of Obama’s decision to act unilaterally. Survey takers were asked, “Will the president’s new executive order further extending federal government oversight of gun sales reduce the number of mass shootings in America?” A mere 21 percent believed that measure would be effective, while 59 percent answered that it would not. Further, indicating that at least half of Americans didn’t sleep through grade school civics, when asked, “When it comes to gun control, should President Obama take action alone if Congress does not approve the initiatives he has proposed or should the government do only what the president and Congress agree on?” a majority of 58 percent answered that the president must work with Congress.

Part of the reason the Americans lack an appetite for gun control is revealed in another Rasmussen poll conducted January 10-11. The survey asked, “Do you trust the government to fairly enforce gun control laws?” A staggering 59 percent of those polled do not trust the government to enforce gun control laws fairly. A mere 28 percent trust the government with this task, while 13 percent were undecided.

These results are in line with broader measures of trust in the federal government. Since the 1970s, Gallup has routinely conducted a poll asking “how much trust and confidence do you have in our federal government in Washington when it comes to handling [domestic problems] – a great deal, a fair amount, not very much, or none at all?” Under Obama, the federal government has breached Watergate-era lows in trust.

With a severe distrust of the government’s ability to fairly carry out gun control policies, the widely-opposed decision by Obama to go it alone on guns is unlikely to bring about the sort of togetherness across the political spectrum that Obama purports to seek. Those currently running for the Presidency that hope to reverse the climate of distrust with Washington might do well to exhibit trust in the American people to exercise their right to keep and bear arms and their ability to make decisions through their elected representatives.



Anyone who works on firearms even occasionally, where you find someone has used a tapered screwdriver or a phillips, where the bit itself is not a perfect fit. The solution to a slipping screwdriver is too dip the screwdriver bit into a course can of abrasive paste and proceed to take out the screw. It works almost every time.


To make a bit magnetized, wrap a few turns of completely insulated heavy gauge wire around the screwdriver bit. Take both ends of the wire and touch both pos+ and Neg- terminals of a DC car battery. (Do not use AC) A car battery is fine, then hold the wire on the terminals for a few seconds. Make sure there is no bare metal touching the screwdriver or bit.

Strictist Gun Laws Don’t Stop Criminals

Despite California’s strict gun laws, politicians seek more external site
Democrats, led by President Obama, called for Congress to pass additional firearms restrictions in the wake of Wednesday’s mass shooting in Southern California, which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation.

The Colt Peacemaker

Colt Peacemaker

The famous Colt .45. The gun that historians said won the west was the most popular full sized revolver in the late 1800’s.  The Peacemaker was also known as the Single Action Army (SAA), and the Frontier.  The Colt Revolver had become the most popular sidearm in history. 

The model 1873 had patents that were given to Charles B. Richards and W. Mason. Samuel Colt did not design the SAA due to the fact that he had passed away a decade earlier. The Colt was actually designed in 1872, and in 1873 the U.S. Army adopted this firearm and the black powder center-fire .45 cartridge to the troops. This new design replaced the outgoing Colt Model 1860 Army Percussion Cap revolvers that were in service at the time. The U.S. Army contracted with Colt to produce an estimated 38,000 Colts in two models: The Cavalry Model that had a 7 1/2 inch barrel, and the Artillery Model which had a 5 1/2 inch barrel.


Commercial production ceased in 1941, and brought back into production by popular demand in 1956. The production that ran from 1873 until 1941 were classified as first generation SAA’s. They have serial numbers below 357860. Colt SAA’s again ran a production from 1956 until 1974 then stopped production again in 1974. These were classified as second generation SAA’s and they had serial numbers range from 0001SA – 73319SA. After 1976 a third generation production began until production stopped again in 1981. Modern Colt SAA’s are made to fire .38 S&W Special, .44Spl, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .22LR too name a few.

The Colt Peacemaker saw action throughout the Indian wars, The Spanish American War, The Range Wars, and others. Its use continued outside military use and became  very popular with civilian use. As a matter of fact the Model 1873 was brought back into production several times because of public demand for the original type. It was not only popular in the United States but became very popular in Europe as well.

Today the Single Action Army .45 is as popular today as it has ever been. Enthusiasts of the Old West have a passion for not only the Peacemaker but of the Old west culture and dress as well. Today many manufacturers are producing clones of the famous Peacemaker. The popularity of Cowboy Action Shooting has caused an increase in continuing the manufacturing of these clones.

Cowboy action shooters dress up in attire that is reminiscent of the old west. they usually have two Single Action Army Revolvers or there replicas at each side. Added to that they must have a lever action rifle that shoots the same cartridge as their revolvers at their sides. Too top it off they need to have a coach gun (shotgun) that is preferably double barrel however not required. All firearms must be actual or replicas 1900 or earlier.


Using these firearms the Cowboy Action Shooter uses each one of their firearms in competition shooting scenarios. Each shooter has a registered alias name that He or She uses at all these events. Check out the CASS (Cowboy Action Shooters Society) to get further information on how to join and have fun re-living the days of the old west and getting a chance to shoot those famous peacemakers.


If you would like to see the history about a particular firearm etc… leave a comment on my wordpress blog site. Please visit and join in.


Whenever you use screwdrivers on a firearm always use gunsmithing screwdrivers the blade is straight and not tapered this insures that the screwdriver won’t walk up the slot and ruin a perfectly good screw. Also make sure the blade fits completely in the slot and fills the slot as well. This will prevent damaging screw heads. I often see collector guns get spoiled just because someone used an ordinary screwdriver on gun screws. The heads are usually torn up.

These can be fixed to look like new with careful re-cutting and filing the screw head and then re-bluing the screw but it is easier to use the proper tool for the job!!

CW Gunsmithing and Firearms

Welcome to CW Gunsmithing and Firearms blog site. Here you will find interesting articles relating to firearms including history, gunsmithing, and political related articles specific to our constitution and the 2nd amendment.

I have been a certified Gunsmith for over 20 years and love every minute I get to spend in my shop. It doesn’t matter how simple or complex a particular gun job is, I find it interesting and quite rewarding. The nice thing about being a Gunsmith is that you get to try to master different disciplines. These range from working with wood, and metal using various machines and hand tools for both metal and wood. If you want to work with wood you can make the gun stock or you can do checkering, accurizing a firearm by bedding a rifle etc… If you like metal working you can use a lathe and a mill to make gun parts including barrel making. You can re-chamber a rifle, mount scopes, apply bluing or engraving etc.. The jobs are really endless and therefore a day in the shop is never boring.

I started this site for a few reasons the first is to inform the reader about firearms and the history behind them. Another reason is to keep the public informed on your second amendment rights. Our freedoms are really not free. Many brave men and women have fought and died for our country to preserve our rights. If the public will not stand up for their freedoms and fight those that want to deny our rights, then our freedom will be lost. We can stand proudly together to protect our right to bear arms. If you are not a member of the NRA or other pro active gun rights organization then please join today to help make this stand.

Periodically I will post various tips concerning gunsmithing! I am not advising you to do any work on firearms I suggest that you have a professional gunsmith do any work that needs to be done. I am only offering suggestions about how one could go about working on firearms.

Thank you for visiting my site and I encourage you to leave questions and comments. Please be respectful in your comments and kindly refrain from any profanity. Civil debate is good and encouraged.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

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